Shortened links

This feature is deprecated and doesn't work on versions after v1.4.0!

Use the sharing feature instead.

WebCrate has the ability to create a shortend links like which when accessed redirect the user to the original link, This works for any link in your WebCrate. ->

To create a short link, open the link details view by clicking on the link you want to shorten. After that click on the 3 dots on the top right to open the link submenu. Then click on "Enable redirection". A new section below the original link URL will appear where you can see the new shortened link.

Screenshot of the Link Details View

By default the URL slug (i.e. the part after will be the ID of the link and can be changed to anything you want by clicking on the ID/URL and entering something different.

Meta Tags

Shortened links will use meta tags to display the link title, description and image in link previews on social media apps like Twitter and messaging apps like Telegram. You can change them by simply editing the links title and description in the link details view. Here's how that would look:

Screenshot of the Telegram Link Preview
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