What's Deta Space?

WebCrate runs on Deta Space, a new personal cloud. All Deta Space apps run in their own separate sand-boxed environment, it is completely isolated from other users and we can't access it.

You can think of it like installing an app on your phone, but instead of the app being on your phone, it exists on the internet for you to access from all of your devices. You remain in control of your apps and your data.

After you sign up for Deta Space, you can install the WebCrate App.

Why is it free?

WebCrate is free because I the developer (@BetaHuhn) don't have any running costs. WebCrate runs on Deta Space and they handle all the hosting i.e. servers. Take a look at their website to learn more.

While I don't have any costs, developing and maintaining WebCrate still takes time and effort. Please consider making a donation to keep the project going strong and me motivated.

How can I access the app?

After you sign up to Deta Space and installed the WebCrate App, you can access it under your own domain. It will be available for you at webcrate-suffix.deta.app (suffix will be a random string of letters and numbers).

If your domain is too hard to remember, you can also visit open.webcrate.app which will redirect you to your own instance automatically or just open the app from the Deta Space Canvas.

How are updates handled?

Compared to a normal web app, WebCrate doesn't update itself automatically. You choose if and when you want to update it. Think of it more like an app on your phone. It doesn't change without you choosing it to. That means you remain in control. All of this only works because WebCrate runs on Deta Space.

To update WebCrate (or any other Space App), visit your Space Canvas. If an update is available you will see a orange circle next to the app icon. Just click it or click on the 3 dots and select "Update App". The app will update itself and after a few seconds the new version is ready to be used!

How can I view my data?

For every Deta Space app you can see all your data right from the Space Canvas. Just click on the 3 dots next to the apps icon and select "View Data".

How can I contribute?

There are several ways to contribute to WebCrate. The easiest is to star the GitHub repository and spread the word about WebCrate on different platforms like Twitter (tag @WebCrateApp). This helps to get more people involved and ultimately benefits you as a user!

You can also contribute by reporting any bugs you encounter as an issue and suggesting new features in a discussion on GitHub.

Finally you can also contribute directly by making a code contribution in the form of a pull request. Please open a discussion and take a look at the Contributing Guide before making any changes to the code!

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