Sharing links

Private vs public?

By default all links in WebCrate are private, meaning they can only be accessed by yourself. An exception to this are links in a public crate. If you set a crate to public, all links belonging to it will become public as well.

Public links can be accessed by anyone who has the URL to that crate or link. Once the crate is set to private or a link is moved to another crate, it will become private again.

This feature is only available on v1.4.0 or later

To share a individual link, open the link and click on the 3 dot menu at the top right and select "Enable sharing". A new modal will pop up and the sharing URL will be displayed. Select it manually, or click the clipboard icon to copy it, to share it with anyone.

The link can only be accessed by that exact URL, not by the URL you are normally accessing one of your own links.

Enabling sharing sets the link to public, meaning who accesses the sharing URL will be able to view the link, including your notes.

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